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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Apr 4, 2018

Welcome to the 114th episode of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! If you enjoy listening to this podcast and it has helped you and your team in any way, please leave us a review on Apple Podcast or Stitcher or take the time to share it on social media. Do you have a question for Pastor Josh about leadership, ministry, or any other topic we’ve covered on the podcast so far? Submit your questions to or @joshgagnon on Twitter and Pastor Josh might answer it on a future episode! Thoughts from this episode: Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is release someone from your staff so they can go elsewhere and succeed. Recognize your organizational expectations, personal expectations, and ministry/job/career expectations and identify what that looks like in your specific expectations. The level of expectation you hold those under you to should be the level of influence you’re leading at. Lead people to exceed your expectations. When someone is falling short of your expectations, ask yourself how you are leading them. When deciding when to release someone, ask if there is still space for them to grow.