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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Apr 26, 2017

Welcome to Episode 66 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! If you enjoy listening to this podcast and it has helped you and your team in any way, please leave us a review on iTunes or Stitcher or take the time to share it on social media. Do you have a question for Pastor Josh about leadership, ministry, or any other topic we’ve covered on the podcast so far? Submit your questions to or @joshgagnon on Twitter and Pastor Josh might answer it on a future episode! Today’s episode is all about communication. We all need to grow in our communication skills. Here at NLC we strive to have authentic communication between staff members and from the stage. Takeaway for Leaders: Speak from the center, not the shell. In other words, be honest and speak about the heart of the matter. Vision isn’t hype. Too often we are so focused on keeping the vision intact and polished that we often times miss how effective it is broken. Be Dr. Phil, not Ryan Seacrest. Dr. Phil talks to people from a heart level, not a host level. Ask yourself, how can the two worlds blend together? How can I speak truth and create excitement by speaking to people’s hearts? Quotes “Vision does not have to be polished, exciting, or perfect.”- Joshua Gagnon