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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Feb 22, 2017

Welcome to Episode 57 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! If you enjoy listening to this podcast and it has helped you and your team in any way, please leave us a review on iTunes or Stitcher or take the time to share it on social media. Do you have a question for Pastor Josh about leadership, ministry, or any other topic we’ve covered on the podcast so far? Submit your questions to or @joshgagnon on Twitter and Pastor Josh might answer it on a future episode! This episode is part 2 of a 3-part series where Pastor Josh shares Next Level Church’s staff values. These 11 values are the key ingredients in shaping the staff culture of NLC. As they are shared, the hope is not that you would copy them but that they would inspire you to see the importance of creating a unified, intentional staff in whatever organization or team you lead. Click here for part 1: The values covered in this episode are: Better not bigger - We believe that better always leads to bigger, therefore we will focus less on the numbers themselves and more on constantly getting better. Great just isn’t good enough. When we get better consistently, getting bigger will always follow naturally. Complete don’t compete - We will complete other Bible-believing churches, not compete with them. We believe that any church that preaches the gospel is on our team and will do everything we can to encourage and equip them to reach more people for Jesus. The only thing constant is change - Fast is better than slow. We will constantly challenge the status quo and happily adjust to accommodate any change that will make us more effective in reaching people for Jesus. “We’ve always done it that way” will never be part of our vocabulary. For the one - Every experience is someone’s opportunity to meet Jesus. We will work hard every week, we will not take our foot off the gas, and we will make sure every environment is the one we would want created if we had invited someone to church with us that day. Quotes From This Episode: “Bigger, bigger, bigger was an idol that consumed us.” - Joshua Gagnon “Comparing ourselves with everybody else became an idol to which we could never measure up.” - Joshua Gagnon “Anyone who is telling people about Jesus is on our team.” - Daniel King “Values are only valuable if when it is not easy you still honor them.” - Joshua Gagnon “We will always challenge the status quo. We will never be okay staying just because staying is comfortable.” - Joshua Gagnon “We do not change just for the sake of change because change comes with a cost.” - Joshua Gagnon “If you don’t value change, you won’t value being better.” - Joshua Gagnon “If you’re avoiding a necessary change, you’re really just accepting that you will be dying a slow death.” - Joshua Gagnon “If I invited ____ to church this weekend, I would hope and pray that my church had given it all that weekend.” - Daniel King “We do nothing different on Easter or Christmas than we do every other weekend.” - Joshua Gagnon