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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Nov 16, 2016

Welcome to Episode 46 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! Today’s episode is a continuation of the conversation from the last episode, which goes through the qualities of high-level leaders. This episode focuses on how being a great leader means knowing how to inspire others. If you enjoyed this this episode or others like it, please leave a review on iTunes or Stitcher! 3 Takeaways For Leaders: 1. Inspiration is not a personality type. No matter what your personality is, you can inspire others. One of the greatest things that divert us from being great leaders is great excuses. 2. Celebrate what it is you can celebrate. In every loss, you can find some wins. 3. Great leaders have the ability to manage tension. Ask yourself, is the pain they’re feeling driving them with more urgency for the future? “Great coaches don’t only make bad calls, they own the bad calls they make.” - Josh Gagnon “A team that lives in discouragement for too long just begins to perform out of discouragement.” - Josh Gagnon “When things are least encouraging, become most inspirational.” - Josh Gagnon “In every loss, you can find some wins.” - Josh Gagnon “One of the greatest things that divert us from being great leaders is great excuses.” - Josh Gagnon “The leader that’s inspiring no one is the leader that’s leading no one to victory.” - Josh Gagnon “One person who will not be inspired on a team of 10 will always corrupt the team.” - Josh Gagnon