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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Sep 21, 2016

Welcome to Episode 42 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! Today’s guest on the podcast is Mike Foster, founder and Chief Chance Officer of People of the Second Chance, which is a non-profit organization guided by one lofty ordeal: that every person on earth deserves a second chance. Mike is also the creator of several workshops and online courses which train people how to effectively counsel friends, family, and those you influence. His work has been featured on Good Morning America, Fox New, and the New York Times. Mike, his wife, Jennifer, and their 2 teenage children live in San Diego, California. Learn More About Mike: “People of the Second Chance: A Guide to Bringing Life-Saving Love to the World.” - Mike’s Twitter: @MikeFoster Mike’s Instagram: @MikeFoster2000 3 Takeaways for Leaders: 1. So many pastors find their identity in what they do, which results in a sense of guilt and shame. To combat this, we must learn to get honest with what we believe about ourselves, God, and grace, as well as learn self-care. 2. You are ridiculously in charge of your own life. As leaders, it is easy to feel controlled and trapped, but we must realize that we have more control over our lives than we think. We can intentionally choose to take a break from our work or remove some of the burden from ourselves by delegating. 3. Be a church who loves people well and create an environment where they feel like they belong. Once they feel like they belong, then they will want to follow Jesus. Quotes From This Episode: “The church has this incredible opportunity to come in and say, ‘There’s another way’.” - Mike Foster “We are not defined by our worst moment, we are not defined by our failures. We are defined by God’s radical love.” - Mike Foster “Shame is this overwhelming feeling that we are unworthy.” - Mike Foster “I see shame as a virus that infects every aspect of who we are.” - Mike Foster “Slow down and be with your heart...Are there places in your heart where you feel like you’re not enough?” - Mike Foster “One of the greatest acts to break shame in our life is self-care.” - Mike Foster “You are ridiculously in charge of your own life.” - Mike Foster