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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Jul 13, 2016

Welcome to Episode 37 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! Activate 2016 is happening Wednesday, September 21 at Next Level Church in Somersworth, NH! Make sure you sign your team up to attend one of the largest church leadership conferences in New England! This year we will be featuring Mark Batterson, Larry Osborne, Levi Lusko, and Joshua Gagnon. Additionally, this year we are adding breakout sessions that will help you grow in your area of ministry. Sign up before July 31 for Special Early Bird pricing! Learn more and sign up here! Today’s guest on the podcast is Sarah Bolduc, Next Level Church’s NLC Kids’ Director. In this episode, you’ll hear about how Sarah came to NLC, the differences she’s learned between being in education and kids’ ministry, the resources she uses in NLC Kids, and much more. Learn More About Sarah: Sarah’s Email: Sarah’s Twitter: @SarahLaFrance14 Sarah’s Instagram: #SarahBolduc2014 Mentioned In This Episode: Orange: NLC Kids Blog: “Think Orange” by Reggie Joiner: “It” by Craig Groeschel: Planning Center Online: 3 Takeaways For Leaders: 1. When it comes to your volunteers, make sure they are placed in an area where they are passionate and that they’re not just filling a need. Just because you are short in one area doesn’t mean anyone can fill it. Make sure your volunteers are serving in places that feed into their strengths and passions. 2. Meet parents where they’re at and partner with them to grow their kids in their relationship with God. Parents are the biggest influencers in a child’s life, so work together towards a common goal of moving their children to life in Christ. In order to do this, you must communicate with them as much as possible to ensure their child is understanding their lessons and applying them to their lives. 3. Change is inevitable, so understanding the “why” behind the change is crucial to accepting that change. Cast vision to your team so they can see the reason for the change and get behind it. Lead the way in being adaptable as long as the change aligns with your cause. Quotes From This Episode: “The quickest way for the devil to chew you up and spit you out on the other side of ministry is to never communicate and never reach out for help.” - Josh Gagnon “The church is always one generation short of extinction.” - Warren Wiersbe “The only thing constant is change.” - Roman Archer