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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Jun 15, 2016

Welcome to Episode 35 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! This is the second part of a leadership lesson called “The 7 E’s that Eliminate Leaders”. Listen to part one here: 7 E’s That Eliminated Leaders (continued): 4. Excuses. From the beginning of humanity, we have always made excuses. Excuses eliminate us from responsibility and accountability. We make excuses for three reasons: 1) To blame others rather than ourselves, 2) It helps poor outcomes seem better in comparison, and 3) We want to lower the expectation for the future. 5. Emotions. As a leader, you set the tone and temperature of your team. Learn to lead your emotions so that you are always contributing to the health of the team. 6. Exclusion. Isolation is a dangerous place to be in leadership. We need to find people who can hold us accountable, who are heavily involved in our lives. 7. Emptiness. In ministry, you can only go so far with the passion you started with. At some point you have to fill yourself with the Spirit of God so that you’re not leading on empty. Emptiness is the source of so many other things that eliminate leaders. Quotes From This Episode: “Excuses make us the victims of our problems and keep us stuck within them.” - Josh Gagnon “A team that fears failure is going to be prone to making excuses.” - Josh Gagnon “I want to out-dream every dreamer.” - Josh Gagnon “You need emotion to lead, but emotion not led can eliminate leaders.” - Josh Gagnon “There is no such thing as a neutral attitude. You are either giving towards it or taking away from it.” - Roman Archer “At the end of the day, you can’t hide behind your personality and refuse to grow.” - Roman Archer “It’s not about fruitfulness, it’s about faithfulness.” - Josh Gagnon “People can control your fruitfulness, but no one can take away your faithfulness.” - Josh Gagnon “You’re only as accountable as you want to be.” - Roman Archer “Those that run alone run fast, but those that run together run far.” - Roman Archer “We are going to fail at this thing called leadership if we are not filled with the Spirit of God, seeking Him more.” - Josh Gagnon “The more like Jesus you are, the better leader you are.” - Josh Gagnon “The more desperate we are for Jesus, the greater His Kingdom on earth will be.” - Josh Gagnon