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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Apr 20, 2016

Welcome to Episode 30 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! If you’re a leader in the New England area, be sure to sign up for Leadercast Live, a simulcasted leadership conference hosted by Next Level Church! You’ll hear from some of the most recognized leaders in the world, such as Andy Stanley, Dr. Henry Cloud, Steve Wozniak, and more, and have the opportunity to connect with other local leaders. Space is limited so sign up at today! Today’s guest on the podcast is Matt Keller, the lead pastor and founder of Next Level Church located in Southwest Florida. In just 13 years, Next Level Church has grown from 30 people to over 3,400 in attendance each weekend. Matt leads, an organization for pastors and church leaders, and, a coaching organization that adds value to business leaders. His fast-paced, witty, humorous communication style will pull you in, inspire and challenge you to make the changes necessary to live up to your full potential. Learn More About Matt: Next Level Church in Florida’s Website: Matt Keller’s Website: Matt Keller’s Podcast: Up The Middle Church book: The Key to Everything book: 3 Takeaways From Leaders: 1. How long are you willing to wait for your harvest? Matt explains that so many church planters and ministry workers hate the words expectation and delay. Next Level got to where it is with patience and expectation for God to do great things through it. As a pastor or a church leader, are you living with great expectations from God? Are you willing to wait for God’s timing? 2. Problems never go away, they just change. When Next Level started, Matt dreamed of the day when his attendance would reach a certain number. But once he reached his goal, he found that the problems he faced previously didn’t dissolve, they just got swapped for new ones. Don’t fall under the illusion that once your attendance, giving, etc reaches a certain point, you will be better off, because you’ll probably just find yourself faced with another set of problems. 3. Teachability is the key to everything. Matt defines teachability as “the desire to learn multiplied by our willingness to change.” Matt boldly claims that teachability is the key to everything (read his book, The Key to Everything, for more If you are teachable, meaning you have a high desire to learn and a high level of willingness to change, you are capable of almost anything. Quotes From This Episode: “How long are you willing to wait for your harvest?” - Matt Keller “Don’t overvalue the immediate and undervalue what God can do in a lifetime of faithfulness.” - Josh Gagnon “The goal line is an ever-moving target.” - Matt Keller “Problems never go away, they just change.” - Matt Keller “Teachability is the key to everything.” - Matt Keller “Teachability is being willing to re-learn that which you think you already know.” - Matt Keller “Teachability is the desire to learn multiplied by our willingness to change.” - Matt Keller “I have nothing to prove and no one to prove it to.” - Matt Keller “You can have the dream you want and that you see in your heart, you just have to be willing to pay a big enough price for it.” - Matt Keller “Don’t believe the hype of the overnight success.” - Matt Keller “Refuse to get bitter because in ministry and in leadership, you’re going to have every opportunity to.” - Matt Keller