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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Apr 6, 2016

Welcome to Episode 30 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! Today’s episode is a recording of a talk Pastor Josh gave the location pastors of NLC about his recent experience at an organization and the multiple problems he noticed beyond just the surface. It’s Not A Leaky Roof Problem, It’s A Problem In: 1. Competency. In order to solve a problem in competency, make sure your leaders understand the “why” behind the “what”. Leaders under you will become more competent if you are demonstrating competency at the top. Make sure your leaders at all levels feel equipped and empowered enough to answer questions and solve problems within your organization. 2. Consideration. In leadership, you have to think about others. Allowing the leaky roof to get to that point demonstrates a lack of caring and consideration for the organization’s members. Think about your staff and volunteer teams and make sure you understand their needs, and listen to them. 3. Communication. Where communication fails, problems will be abundant. Communication must flow between all levels of leadership. Additionally, anyone who brings up issues or problems they see to your volunteers or staff should be confident that the message will be sent to those who can resolve it. 4. Culture. Having an excellent culture begins in private places and overflows into public places. Even when no one is looking, leaders should ensure that excellence is being demonstrated. Having a sense of urgency and ownership within your culture is also necessary when dealing with internal problems. Quotes From This Episode: “The leaky roof is the symptom of problems within this organization that are much larger than the leaky roof.” - Josh Gagnon “A lack of competency runs from the top down and usually pushes the bottom out.” - Josh Gagnon “As leaders, we have to care about the damage our leaky roofs are causing others.” - Josh Gagnon “When people show up, do they know that we care?” - Josh Gagnon “Communication isn’t always what you say. Communication has to be what you hear.” - Josh Gagnon “Great leaders listen.” - Josh Gagnon “Excellence begins where no one sees.” - Josh Gagnon “Excellence begins in the most intimate areas and overflows into the most public areas.” - Josh Gagnon “Excellence is not doing the best you can with what others have; excellence is doing the best with what you have.” - Josh Gagnon “A mission is something we’re on target to hit.” - Josh Gagnon