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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Mar 23, 2016

Welcome to Episode 29 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! If you’re a business or church leader in the New England area, make sure you register for Leadercast 2016: Architects of Tomorrow--a leadership conference that will be held at Next Level Church. Influential leaders such as Steve Wozniak, Dr. Henry Cloud, and Andy Stanley will be speaking for this one-day event on Friday, May 6. Register your team at Make sure you check out Pastor Josh’s blog posts and videocasts on for more leadership advice and wisdom. Tune in every Monday for a new videocast. Activate 2016 will be happening on September 21! The speaker keynotes include Mark Batterson, Levi Lusko, Larry Osborne, and Pastor Josh Gagnon. Register your team today for super early-bird pricing at 6 Things In Leadership That Matter Most: 1. Person over position. 2. Influence over authority. 3. Listening over communicating. 4. Wisdom over intelligence. 5. Culture over comfort. 6. Handing off over holding on. Quotes From This Episode: “So often we see problems but we don’t understand there’s a root to that problem.” - Josh Gagnon “Before you can lead others, you have to be a person worthy of leading.” - Josh Gagnon “As a leader you want to influence others before you want them to listen to your commands.” - Josh Gagnon “Vision can only keep people for so long, but influence can keep people forever.” - Josh Gagnon “I think in ministry the biggest thing that comes against our influence is we see people as hands rather than people as hearts.” - Josh Gagnon “Communicating is equally about listening as it is speaking.” - Josh Gagnon “You’ll never be able to lead an organization that you don’t understand the pulse of.” - Josh Gagnon “If you want people to listen to you, you need to listen to them.” - Josh Gagnon “We don’t want to be church leaders that become so smart that we don’t hear God.” - Josh Gagnon “Often when God speaks wisdom, it contradicts what I think logically makes sense.” - Josh Gagnon ‘Wise leaders get insight from God; smart leaders get insight from books.” - Josh Gagnon “As leaders, we’re wanting to protect the culture but we’re not wanting to put people down because it’s a different style.” - Josh Gagnon “Ultimately, your culture needs to be set by what’s effective.” - Roman Archer “The definition of delegation is: I have the authority, I’ve trained you to do it, now go do it how I want you to do it. Empowering is: I trust you, now go and do it.” - Josh Gagnon “The definition of trust is the measure of what you’re willing to lose.” - Josh Gagnon