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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Mar 9, 2016

Welcome to Episode 28 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! If you enjoyed this podcast, please leave a review on iTunes and help this podcast get into the hands of more church and ministry leaders. Make sure you check out Pastor Josh’s new videocasts, available at, where you’ll hear even more leadership advice and lessons from Pastor Josh. Today’s episode will feature the members of NLC’s Creative Team, as they discuss what it’s like to be a creative in ministry, as well as some of their creative processes and planning. Make sure you pass this episode along to any creatives you may know! Mentioned In This Episode: Clint Ledford - NLC Worship Director Clint’s Twitter - Clint’s Instagram - Email Clint - Bruce Burger - NLC Production Director Bruce’s Email - Allen Robbins - NLC Creative Pastor Allen’s Twitter - Allen’s Email - Josh Duffy - NLC Video Producer Duffy’s Instagram - Duffy’s Email- NLC’s Church Management Software - Planning Center Creativity, Inc by Ed Catmull - 3 Takeaways For Leaders: 1. In every decision you make, honor your lead pastor. The Creative Team explained how they always honor Pastor Josh and his vision in everything they produce. Along with this idea, make sure you know and understand your pastor’s strengths and weaknesses and create your structures around them. 2. Start with “yes” and work backwards. Rather than resist an idea because of the amount of work it will take, think optimistically and say “yes”, then figure it out from there. Think of creativity as problem-solving and think through how you can accomplish your end product. 3. Don’t get caught up in thinking that excellence has a price tag. Often times, it’s easy to have the mindset that more resources equals excellence, but excellence is doing the best with what you have. Utilize what has been given to you in the most efficient way possible. Quotes From This Episode: “If I can’t support the vision of Pastor Josh and lift him up, then I’m hindering him.” - Josh Duffy “You can’t honor your pastor unless you know him, and you know his giftings and his strengths.” - Roman Archer “Start with yes and work backwards.” - Clint Ledford “I’m okay with making a mistake once. If it happens again, there’s something I need to address in myself or my team.” - Josh Duffy “Excellence is doing the best you can with what you have.” - Allen Robbins “Don’t get caught up in thinking that excellence has a price tag.” - Allen Robbins “It’s not excellence for the sake of excellence, it’s excellence because God calls us to be excellent.” - Bruce Burger “You can learn from the things people succeed at, but you’re going to learn more from the things they did not succeed at.” - Clint Ledford “Your ideas are not your identity.” - Josh Duffy