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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Jan 27, 2016

Welcome to Episode 25 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! Please make sure you leave a review of the podcast if it has positively impacted you and your team! One lucky reviewer will be chosen to be the winner of our book giveaway, “War Room: The Legacy of Bill Belichick and the Art of Building a Perfect Team” by Michael Holley. Just leave a review and send an email with the username you used to for your chance to win. Be on the lookout for our special bonus episode to be released on February 3, the Wednesday before Super Bowl weekend. In this episode, Pastor Josh will be speaking with New England Patriots linebacker, Jerod Mayo, about his faith in Christ, his career with the Patriots, and much more. Today we will be hearing from another NFL player: Dion Lewis, a running back for the New England Patriots who recently suffered from a torn left ACL in November 2015 and has been out the rest of the season. In his conversation with Pastor Josh, Dion talks about who has influenced him in his career as well as what it is like to play for Super Bowl XLIX winners, the New England Patriots. Learn More About Dion: Dion’s Twitter: Dion’s Instagram: 3 Takeaways For Leaders: 1. Be coachable. Dion explains how his high school football coach taught him this valuable lesson. Even when you don’t necessarily agree with your leaders or elders, give them your respect and be willing to be teachable. 2. Make sure your organization cares about the needs of its people. For Dion, what made the New England Patriots stand out among the several other professional football teams he had been on was that the leadership cared about their players, not just as football players, but as people. As a result, Dion says that the players on that team play harder. He shared how Robert Kraft, Chairman and CEO of the Patriots, is always in the locker rooms before and after the game, and is considered part of the team. 3. Be the same man on the field as you are off the field. When Pastor Josh asked what characteristics of Tom Brady that Dion most look up to, he explained that Brady is the same person day after day. He works hard each day and he doesn’t waiver in that. The best leader is someone with the kind of integrity that others around them notice. Quotes From This Episode: “A lot of leaders will find strength in their weaknesses.” - Josh Gagnon “You don’t always have to agree with someone. Just respect their opinion.” - Dion Lewis “The greatest quality of a leader is teachability: being willing to be taught.” - Josh Gagnon “I knew that whatever team picked me, I just had to make sure I went out there and work as hard as I could to be the best player I can be.” - Dion Lewis Listen to a bonus episode with Jerod Mayo on the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast on February 3!