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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Dec 16, 2015

Welcome to Episode 22 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! The winner of this week’s book giveaway is username “fool4Christ”! This user left an awesome review of the podcast and we want to thank them by sending them Caleb Kaltenbach’s book “Messy Grace”. Please make sure you are leaving reviews if you have been positively influenced by this leadership podcast, and you might win this week’s book giveaway. This week we’re giving away “H3 Leadership” by Brad Lomenick to one of our lucky listeners. Just leave a review on iTunes and email the username you used to for your chance to win a copy of “H3 Leadership”. This week’s episode features the Operations Pastor of Next Level Church, Daniel King, and the Executive Pastor of Next Level Church, Roman Archer. Daniel and Roman sat down with Pastor Josh to discuss the topic of giving within the church. Mentioned In This Episode: Contact Daniel King, NLC’s Operations Pastor: NLC’s 2014 Annual Report: “Your sacrifice is making a difference” cards: front - back - 3 Takeaways For Leaders: 1. Be intentional with how you are communicating giving. Create a balance where people understand that ministry costs money but first-time guests don’t feel uncomfortable or feel obligated to give. Be authentic and honest, not seemingly fake or manipulative. The language of the offering talk is also very important, so be intentional with how you are communicating to both the givers and the first-time guests. 2. Make it easy to give. At Next Level Church, we offer multiple ways to give, including online giving. In today’s culture, many people do not carry cash or a checkbook on them, so they won’t have the option to give at church. Setting up online giving allows people to give consistently and without thinking about it. 3. There are four reasons people will give: to vision, out of the need they see, out of a sense of responsibility, and out of obedience. In offering talks at NLC, we make sure our location pastors speak with these things in mind so that people will feel compelled to give. Quotes From This Episode: “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one knows you’re doing it.” - Josh Gagnon “Generosity is giving even when no one knows you’re giving.” - Josh Gagnon “Teach and celebrate giving.” - Josh Gagnon “Pray, plan, prepare.” - Daniel King If you have questions about this episode or would like more information about how we do giving at NLC, feel free to email or As always, please rate and review! Stay tuned for Episode 23 with Warren Bird!