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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Jul 1, 2015

As young church leaders, we are often so quick to flock to the hip, influential pastor of the biggest mega church. But what we desperately need is to seek out the priceless wisdom offered by generations of leaders who have gone before us. In this episode, Pastor Gordon MacDonald shares his experiences as a pastor of more than 40 years, as well as his insight for where he believes church leadership is headed. Here are some of the main ideas from this episode: When faced with new situations, learn to decode the culture and understand what is important to people. Otherwise, you’ll miss them by a mile. In the context of ministry, New England is unique in several ways: • Connectedness to the local community – this same connection is expected in church • New Englanders are not impressed with size – they don’t want church to get too big and impersonal • There is an edge of arrogance to New Englanders – they uphold education and history We are being brought up in a culture that says the more influence you have, the more successful you will be. This way of thinking is different from the past, where people were taught to be humble and grateful with what they had. The message we hear today is that when we trust Jesus, he will make you successful, but we cannot forget that real success can also come in the form of persecution. This truth is becoming less relevant in today’s culture. Today’s generations crave personal attention. The only way to reach a broken people is through transparency. People don’t want to run from tradition because there is a richness in tradition. We’re going to miss something if we chase after new and forget the old. Generations today are lacking personal and as a result, they are looking at the past and how things were done then. Gordon MacDonald is the Chancellor of Denver Seminary and has previously served as spiritual advisor and mentor to President Bill Clinton. He has written over two dozen books, including Ordering Your Private World and Going Deep: Becoming a Person of Influence. He and his wife, Gail, live in Concord, New Hampshire. Be sure to tune in for part 2 of the interview!