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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Jun 18, 2015

Welcome to Episode 009 of the podcast. Welcome to the podcast. Don’t forget to leave us a review or rating on your favorite app or wherever you listen. Send your questions for Pastor Gordon MacDonald to or on twitter @joshgagnon and Pastor Gordon may answer it on one of our future episodes! The Activate Conference is happening on September 16, 2015 at Next Level Church Somersworth! Get your tickets today at! Leaders can have many different personalities. You must be able to grow in your weaknesses, not just blame it on your personality. Wise leaders surround themselves with people who are not just like them, but balance their strengths and weaknesses. The greatest danger in leadership is surrounding yourself only with people who are just like you. Don’t lead those around you to become just like you, but encourage them to grow in their weaknesses and allow their strengths to lead up to you in your areas of weakness. The greatest teams always beat the greatest individuals. One is too small of a number for greatness. Pastor Josh remembers God teaching him: “Stop praying for her to become the woman you want her to be, and start praying for her to become the woman God wants them to be.” If I can develop people to become the greatest “them” they can be, God will do amazing things through them. Developing people into the person God wants them to be is superior to developing them into who you want them to be every time. Jesus was both an in-your-face leader and an at-your-feet leader. Just because you’ve been given great authority and position, doesn’t make you a great leader or someone who is using that responsibility well. Great respect is always born out of great sacrifice. Just because people obeying you doesn’t mean they respect you. You earn more respect through humility than through authority. You can do things because you “should” or because it is genuinely who you are becoming as a person.