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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Jun 3, 2015

Welcome to Episode 008 of the podcast. Welcome to the Directional Team Lead Pastor Josh Gagnon, Executive Pastor Roman Archer, Launching Pastor Allen Robbins, and Operations Pastor Daniel King What is assimilation? Intentionally moving people and connecting them to following Jesus and to God’s church. Pastor Daniel’s contact information: Email: Twitter: @danielkinglive A copy of the experience guide & connect card: 1st time guest packet: Salvation bags: Samples of “Your sacrifice is making a difference” cards: “New Giver” booklets link to purchase: Life change video example: Sample offering talk: The service we use to send text messages to FTG: The text message they receive: {#FirstName#}, thanks for being at Next Level Church today - we're glad you came & pray God moved in your life! We'll call you soon to see how we can serve you. Our church management software: The website we direct people who accept Christ to: