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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Mar 18, 2015

Welcome to episode 4 of the podcast. Pastor Josh is going to be speaking at the Orange Conference as part of the senior leader's track. Register at Pastor Josh was featured on Episode 17 of the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast talking about not becoming discouraged in your calling. Today we are going to host a special episode called “Cabin Talk” with our Directional Team. As a directional team, we go away a few times a year as a very unique part of our culture. We are going to talk about the closeness of our team and how that has impacted our effectiveness and stewardship as a move of God. We have tough skin and deep love. Our team knows they are loved but they know the call and mission even more. How do we manage the tension between friends and boss/employee? You can love someone without being their best friend. One of the best things that leaders can begin to do is take one day to walk around to every office in your building and high five, encourage, and ask about their families. People are not a task but a person within an organization. They are not there to fulfill your ministry, but to fulfill the ministry of Jesus. The key to floating between friends and bosses is if the employees will allow that to happen. We made a conscious choice in that moment to always choose honor and to carry that throughout our culture from that point forward. Even though it feels awkward, the lead person has to be willing to set that culture. Clear lines are essential. “I am happy to wear both hats, but if you force me to choose one, I will always have to choose Next Level Church [over friendship].” -Pastor Josh Gagnon There is nothing stronger than a directional team that likes and loves one another and is doing everything possible to reach people for Jesus. One of the keys to make it is easy to honor is when there has been a true investment. From a follower’s perspective, how do you help your leader to create this environment? Don’t put baby in a corner. Learn your leader’s hats. Ask your leader to give you cues of what hat he is wearing. Honor the moments when you are allowed into the “friend hat”. Be publicly 100% behind every decision once it is made. Most leaders are insecure so they default to not giving away their authority. Tune in every 2 weeks for a new episode. You can subscribe on iTunes or leave a comment and review, as well as follow along at