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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Feb 28, 2015

INTRODUCTION Welcome to episode 3. We are going to continue today where Episode 2 left off, which the second half of Pastor Josh's teaching on "Culture determines destiny". Would you like to join us at the 2015 Orange Conference? Pastor Josh and many other great leaders will be sharing as part of the Senior Leader's track. Get details today at CULTURE DETERMINES DESTINY To be unified in our mission and not in our culture is similar to fighting in a war for a cause you believe in, but with an army dressed in all different colors. OUR CULTURE...(continued) A CULTURE OF EXPECTATION We expect to see our God do what only He can do. ­We expect to win because He defeated death. A CULTURE OF “OH CRAP” We will step out into the water and if we sink He will catch us, but we won’t lead this church from the safety of the boat. We don’t chase comfort...we expect discomfort. A CULTURE OF “IF IT CAN BE DONE, IT WILL BE DONE” We will be competent at what we do. We accomplish more because we are willing to try to do more. A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE What we do matters forever. A CULTURE OF FUN/CELEBRATION We will play harder than anyone...We will work harder than anyone! A CULTURE OF RESILIENCY We don’t lose our shape when we are stretched. We will encourage each other to be resilient. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and join us next time on Episode 4. You can hear more leadership teaching from Pastor Josh at or on twitter at