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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Feb 3, 2016

Welcome to our special bonus episode of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! Make sure you leave a review of the podcast on iTunes! For anyone who leaves a review this week, they will be entered for the chance to win a signed football by today’s guest, Jerod Mayo of the New England Patriots. Just leave your review and send an email to with your username you used in the review, and you might win this week’s giveaway. Today we will be hearing from Patriots linebacker and captain, Jerod Mayo, as he shares his story about his career in the NFL and the lessons God has taught him to get to where he is today. Learn more about Jerod: Jerod’s Twitter: Jerod’s Instagram: 3 Takeaways: When in the midst of a storm, reflect on your blessings. Jerod explains that when he faces difficult situations, he remembers how blessed he is and how much worse it could be. God never promises that living a life following Him would be easy, but He does promise that we would live life in freedom. Live life with open hands. Jerod makes it clear that whatever God has blessed him with--fame, fortune, material possessions--it was not his to begin with, and he lives his life with the mentality that we aren’t owners, we are simply managers of what God has given us. He said, “God blesses obedience.” When we are obedient with our giving, we will be blessed. It may not be a blessing in the area of finances, but God does promise to bless us if we are obedient to Him in giving of our time, talents, and treasures. Be a light in a dark place by bringing positive energy. Being a professional football player, Jerod understands that we live in a dark world that needs the light of Jesus Christ. As a Christ-follower, he strives be that light on and off the field, but this takes accountability. Jerod keeps himself accountable by regularly attending chapel services and surrounding himself with like-minded Christians who are also football players. Quotes From This Episode: “If it’s easy, maybe you’re not doing the right thing.” - Jerod Mayo “God’s always preparing you for what He has prepared for you.” - Josh Gagnon “Even though this is our job, it’s still a game.” - Jerod Mayo “God blesses obedience.” - Jerod Mayo “Everyone ends up somewhere, few get there on purpose. Most of us get there on accident.” - Josh Gagnon “You have to be a light in a dark place sometimes.” - Jerod Mayo Tune in next week for a brand new episode on the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast!