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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Mar 29, 2017

Welcome to Episode 62 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! If you enjoy listening to this podcast and it has helped you and your team in any way, please leave us a review on iTunes or Stitcher or take the time to share it on social media. Do you have a question for Pastor Josh about leadership, ministry, or any other topic we’ve covered on the podcast so far? Submit your questions to or @joshgagnon on Twitter and Pastor Josh might answer it on a future episode! On today’s episode we have guest Chris Goeppner! Originally as a youth pastor in FL, he felt lead to pastor the least churched state in the US, Vermont, New Hampshire. Only 3% of the population in Vermont, NH are church goers; Chris talks about what challenges he had faced and how he overcame them. Takeaways for Leaders One of the best ways to find encouragement when you are feeling down is to go out. You need to find a community and ask for advice. As a leader it is important to have those people around you to help you get out of those dark times when you are feeling discouraged. Get healthy. Maintain a healthy growth and get stable. Putting together a foundation and continuing to build that foundation strong is not something that will be easy or fun, but remember it is always necessary. It is always best to focus on who you have rather than how many you have. We have to be very intentional with how we develop our leaders within. Build that culture now of what you want it to be in the future, work on your foundation. Don’t forget the reason why you started to plant your church. Remember the reason and let it drive you to finish strong. Stay in faith, and keep going. Mentioned in this Episode: Chris Goeppner’s Instagram: @ChrisGoeppner Practical Church Podcast Quotes “Building a foundation a skyscraper can stand on is different than building a foundation that a ranch could stand on.”-Joshua Gagnon “Recognize that God has a call for us to be influential in our region.”-Chris Goeppner “Leaders can either be found or they can be developed.” Joshua Gagnon “The same thing that stirred in your heart to go start the work, let that drive you.”-Chris Goeppner “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.” -Chris Goeppner “Be authentic and be practical.” -Chris Goeppner “Excellence is doing the best with what you’ve been given, not the best with what someone else has been given.” -Joshua Gagnon