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The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Feb 24, 2016

Welcome to Episode 27 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast! Send an email to with your name and contact information, and the first three emails we receive will be sent a copy of Brad Lomenick’s book, H3 Leadership! In this episode, we will be hearing Pastor Josh answer some questions submitted by our listeners about leadership, ministry, relationships, how to avoid burnout, and much more. If you have questions you’d like to be answered by Pastor Josh, text it to (646) 801-6033 or email it to and it might be answered on a future episode. Mentioned In This Episode: H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick - ReThink Leadership Conference - NLC’s Livestreaming Service - 3 Takeaways For Leaders: 1. If you’re not passionate about the ministry you’re a part of, maybe you should consider being a part of a different ministry. In many church cultures, it’s become sort of a taboo for leaders or pastors to leave the church they work at because they don’t agree with the leadership above them. Just because you find that God has called you to ministry, it doesn’t mean you are bound to a particular church or organization. If you don’t agree with the vision or direction the church is going in, then consider leaving and finding a ministry that you can get behind. 2. To keep things fresh in your marriage, be intentional with your relationship with your spouse. Choose to do things that are outside of routine, things that will add to a type of new relationship rather than continue to support the old type of relationship. Additionally, choose to look at what you are making priority in your life and reconsider whether it should take priority over other things. Ask yourself “If I were to lose it, where does it end on the hurt thermometer?” Succeed at what matters most and put the most attention in what matters most. 3. To avoid burnout, take up a hobby and set guidelines and limitations within your “job” of ministry. Pastor Josh says, “The only reason anything burns is because it hasn’t changed positions.” So between your job, your home life, and how you spend your free time, change up your routine. Learn something new. Go explore new terrain. And learn to set a hard stop on your work. Ministry is a job that is never finished. But you can choose to find a stopping point, and actually stop working and start focusing your attention on other things, such as family or a new hobby. Quotes From This Episode: “The church stinks at honoring people on their way out.” - Josh Gagnon “We don’t have to suffer through ministry because we don’t agree with those above us.” - Josh Gagnon “God’s called you to ministry. Now find a ministry you’re passionate to serve under.” - Josh Gagnon “Work hard at [marriage] and give yourself the ability to get better at [marriage].” - Josh Gagnon “If you want to succeed at what matters most, you’ll put the most attention, effort, newness at what matters most.” - Josh Gagnon “The only reason anything burns is because it hasn’t changed positions.” - Josh Gagnon “Small wins over a long period of time will equal growth.” - Josh Gagnon “Leadership is all about risk and reward.” - Josh Gagnon If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to leave a review of the podcast on iTunes or let us know by tweeting Pastor Josh on Twitter at @joshgagnon.